Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to Insert a Page Break in Word 2010

1.After you launch the Word 2010, choose "Insert" > "Pages" > "Page Break" on the ribbon.

 2.The page break has been inserted, and next, you need to do some more settings. Select the paragraph that you want to do more about.

3.Go to "Page Layout" > "Paragraph" group and click the launcher at the corner.

 4.In "Paragraph" dialog box, click "Line and Page Breaks" panel. If you want to prevent page breaks in the middle of a paragraph, check "Keep lines together". Then click "OK".

 5.Prevent page breaks between paragraphs and you need to check "Keep with next". If you want to specify a page break before a paragraph, check "Page break before". Then click "OK" too.

 6.Moreover, if you need to prevent page breaks in a table row, select the whole table by clicking on the icon.

 7.Then go to "Layout" > "Table" > "Properties" tab.

 8.In "Table Properties" window, click "Row" panel, and clear "Allow row to break across pages". Then click "OK".

 9.Well done.

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Very good tutorial.You did a good job. All the things you explained in screen shots as well as in theory also.Thanks for this type of tutorial.It helps the students in more efficient way.Keep going.
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