Monday, December 5, 2011

Create A Customized Tab On The Office 2010 Ribbon

You are about to create a custom tab on the Ribbon, which is as good as customizing the Ribbon. You can do so in any of the Office 2010 applications. Here are the steps to create a customized tab on the Ribbon of MS Word 2010.
1. Open MS Word.
2. Right-click the Ribbon. A contextual menu is displayed.

3. Select Customize the Ribbon option. The Word Options dialog box is displayed.

4. Click the New Tab button below the second list box on the right side.
The Rename dialog box is displayed.
5. Enter a suitable name in the Display name text box.
6. Click OK.

7. Drag the required commands from the left list box to the new tab in the right list box. In case you do not find your commands, select All Commands from the Choose commands from combo box on the left.

You are now ready to work with MS Word 2010 in the quickest as well as easiest manner. Further, in case you need such tabs in other Office applications as well, you must open each of them and repeat the steps.


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