Saturday, December 10, 2011

How To Insert A Comment Word 2010

To add a comment in a 2010 document, you need to first select the part of text on which you wish to comment. Then, on the Ribbon, click the Reviewtab and the New Comment button in the Comments group.

As soon as you do so, a balloon highlighting the selected text is displayed in the specially extended right margin. In this balloon, you can now enter your comment.

You will notice that the balloon displays the initials of your name. This is very necessary to have, as when different people add comments, each of them can easily know who else have added comments.
 As a reviewer, you can add as many comments as required in the document. When you tend to add more comments, the balloon will show the comment number as well after the initials so that you know how many comments have been added by you in a document.


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