Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Set and Clear Notes in Microsoft Office Communicator

Setting a note on the Office Communicator is really a useful stuff where you can put your thoughts, your status etc. for example you are going on leave for a week you can put that in your note so that people who have added you in their list can see that. Also I have seen most of my friends who would keep changing their notes by displaying thoughts for the day.
Now let’s see how to set notes, Open you Microsoft Office Communicator and Click Connect -> My Status -> Set Note…

You will get the window as shown below where you can type the text whatever you want to and click OK. Now your note has been set and the people can see this on their Office Communicator.

When you want to clear this, open you Microsoft Office Communicator and Click Connect -> My Status -> Clear Note… which will clear you note.



This post describes how to set and clear notes in Microsoft Word. The steps are given in this post which you need to follow to complete this task. The screenshot given in this post helps you in understanding the method in better way.
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