Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Add a Traditional Header and Footer in Microsoft Visio 2010

This is a quick post to help users find the traditional header and footer functions in Microsoft Visio 2010. I had tremendous trouble finding it (Google searches failed to help me find the exact function I was looking for), so I am posting in hopes that this will help others find what I was looking for.
Up until recently, I’ve worked in Microsoft

Visio 2007 to produce design documents for my job. Some developers preferred having a header and/or footer on the documents to say the revision number and date. In Visio 2007, this was easily accessible via the View menu (View > Header and Footer).

Visio 2010 has been changed to include Microsoft’s tabbed toolbar, known as the Ribbon. In general, it does a pretty good job of grouping functions, but it removed the Header and Footer option from the View menu/tab.

There’s a new feature that lets you create a master background page, which is definitely more functional than the previous Header and Footer I was using. However, I had ported some files from 2007 and needed to adjust (or remove) the header and footer from these files, and the new background feature didn’t help.

I ended up stumbling upon the Header and Footer menu by pure chance. It can be found via the following steps:

1. Click the File tab
2. Click on the Print option
3. Within the Print option, choose Print Preview
4. From here, choose Header & Footer in the toolbar

Again, I don’t expect this post to be relevant to most people, but I wanted to post it for anyone who can’t seem to find it otherwise (including by looking at the Support files — bad Microsoft!).

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The location of the Header/Footer dialog is a bit obscure in Visio 2010! (Refer to page 242 in Visio 2010 Step by Step ( for additional information.)

Your use of background pages in Visio 2010 -- which are also available in Visio 2007 -- is usually a better choice. You have more flexibility about what you can include, especially if you add title blocks, frames and other predefined page elements. (Select More Shapes > Visio Extras > Title Blocks to see what's available.)

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