Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Use Office 2010 on Windows and Non-Windows Mobile

Microsoft Office 2010 has introduced Office 2010 mobile version for Windows and non-windows Mobile users. They are Office Mobile 2010 and Office 2010 Mobile Viewers mobile version. So, you can enjoy a different experience to use Office 2010 on Windows or non-Windows Mobile. Office Mobile 2010 is released for Windows Mobile and Office 2010 MobileViewers is for non-Windows platform Mobile. No worries about to use Office 2010 on Windows or non-Windows Mobile.

Use Office 2010 on Windows Mobile

The name of Office 2010 in Windows Mobile is Office Mobile 2010. No matter your Windows Mobile is v 6.5 or later, you can use SharePoint Workplace to link to the SharePoint serve to access related documents.

Note: The visited SharePoint documents will be automatically added to the Recent Documents folder. If the recently visited documents are not the presentations but the contacts link, then the link will be added to the Recent Link folder.

If you want to visit the new place, you just need to enter the URL of the sever in the address bar with your Windows Mobile. Now you can freely and easily open the Recent Document and the Recent Links by just a click.

When using Office 2010 in Windows Mobile, the users can directly open the link in their E-mail. So you can fix the some documents' Pin on the top or send the links to others.

Use Office 2010 on Non-Windows Mobile

If you are using non-Windows Mobile smart phone, you can still use Office 2010 by using Office 2010 MobileViewers. They are Word, Excel and Powerpoint Office 2010 MobileViewers.

The steps are very similar to use Office 2010 on desktop. You can reference the other guide on how to use Office 2010 MobileViewers when you meet any difficult in using Office 2010 in non-Windows Mobile.



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