Friday, September 23, 2011

Fix Outlook 2010 With Communicator 2007 R2 Error

Problem :

I use Windows 7 Enterprise (x64) with Outlook 2010 (x64) and Communicator 2007 R2 . I get Outlook Integration error in Office Communicator and could not update status information.
"Communicator could not determine the location of your Exchange Web services"

Solution :

What is in the latest released update for OC 2007 R2 for Exchange Connectivity:

· 64-bit MAPI is not supported for OC 2007 R2 in any configuration.

· In the event that MAPI is not available (Outlook not installed, or only 64bit MAPI is available) OC 2007 R2 falls back to EWS.

· In order for OC to discover Exchange and EWS, auto-discovery for Exchange to be enabled via the Exchange auto-discovery URLs.

Connectivity to Exchange Online:

· For customers that are using ExOnline where no auto-discovery is provisioned by BPOS, they should use 32 bit Office instead of 64 bit Office.

o BPOS uses local configuration files via the Single-Sign On Service Agent to configure Outlook to connect to ExO. OC relies solely on Exchange auto-discovery which is not configured for ExOnline.

o This will allow OC 2007 R2 to leverage 32bit MAPI to access Exchange Online via Outlook’s local configuration file that BPOS SSO/Service Agent drops.

Outlook Integration Error with 64bit Office 2010:

· For customers that are seeing an issue with on-premise Exchange deployments where auto-discovery is setup and enabled as described above , OC 2007 R2 CU4 should be able to connect to Exchange. These customers will still see an Outlook integration error in OC (since we couldn’t integrate with Outlook x64).

For example, free/busy and out-of-office information should still be available in OC via EWS.

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