Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to Fixed Office 2010 Set up Failed Error Uninstall Office 2010 Manually

Microsoft has not long ago launched the newest version of Office ¡§C Office 2010 for personal computers operating Windows Working Technique. The attribute packed Office 2010 download has long been positively accepted from the users with almost all of them reporting good assessments about this. However a couple of with the consumers are dealing with some installation issues with the application , in which Office 2010 download install process halts or stops unexpectedly just before completion and then stays caught there permanently .
Nevertheless this really is only the begin of the genuine dilemma. The majority of the end users these days can fix this by commencing the Job Manager and terminating the process. The actual issue is the regardless of the failed install, users usually are not able to restart the installation procedure once again. This is because the "Install wizard" isn’t going to start once again as the earlier setup was not finished. There is no entry of a failed set up within the "Add or Remove" plans checklist which can make the conclude consumers truly helpless in such scenarios. The install can not possibly be rolled back again to older variations of Office (these kinds of as Office 2007) because of to midway termination of setup.
To repair Office 2010 download installation mistakes, follow these steps advised by Microsoft
Stage one: Download and install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.
Phase two: Run Windows Set up Clean Up.
Step 3: Highlight Microsoft Office 2010 download entry from the list then click on Remove.
Notice: If there are every other previous or redundant office entries this kind of as Office 2007 download or other Office standalone products these kinds of as Visio in the record, do highlight and take away them collectively.
Action 4: Give up the Windows Install Clean Up when cleanup process completed.
Phase 5: Shut all applications.
Action six: Click on Begin, in the Search box, kind regedit and press Enter to run Registry Editor.
Step seven: Broaden the registry tree around the left pane and locate the subsequent two registry subkeys:
Stage 8: Right-click around the registry subkeys and click on Delete to delete these keys.
Action 9: Open Windows Explorer, and then browse for the C:Method Files and/or C:System Files (x86) folder.
Phase 10: Carry out the following actions:
If it exists, rename Microsoft Office to "Microsoft Office OLD"
If it exists, rename OfficeUpdate to "OfficeUpdateOLD"
If it exists, rename OfficeUpdate14 to "OfficeUpdate14OLD"
Phase 11: Click Commence, within the Search box, variety %Temp% and press Enter.
Step 12: Empty (delete all files and folders within) the Temp folder.
Be aware: If some files can’t be deleted, just skip them.
Phase thirteen: Empty the Recycle Bin.
Step 14: Restart your pc. Attempt to set up Office 10 once more.
These actions need to resolve the Office 2010 download failed installation error.

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